About Enorama Pharma AB

Enorama Pharma AB

Enorama Pharma is a Swedish pharmaceutical company that focuses on consumer-friendly medicated chewing gums containing proven drug substances.

Goals, Business model, and strategy

Enorama Pharma aims to become a leading global supplier of consumer-friendly medicated chewing gums. Our business concept is to develop and supply consumer-friendly medicated chewing gums containing proven drug substances, and to offer these as private label products.


Enorama Pharma uses a new production method called compressed gum, which enables cost-effective production and superior product formulations for the consumers.


Enorama Pharma outsources all development and production work, and will not build up own facilities. This results in a cost-effective business model.


Enorama Pharma's first product is a unique nicotine gum in different flavours that will be offered globally. Production contracts are in place, and the first customer contract has been signed with a leading pharmaceutical company with a strong presence in the pharmacy chains.


The company's long-term growth strategy is to expand the number of application areas for its medicated chewing gum. Several criteria make chewing gum a good alternative for drug delivery, and potential application areas are pain relief, allergy, cough and cold.